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#romanticsuspense #ChristianFiction booksFreelance photojournalist Scott Ehricson just learned that not only is his new girlfriend a former stripper and prostitute who owns a strip club, Samantha Taylor has just been arrested for murder. What else has she been keeping from him?

Torn between his Christian beliefs and his need to know the truth about the girl he’s come to love, Scott begins learning what Sam’s been dealing with: threatening phone calls, vandalism at the club, and finally arson. Victor Landis appeared right after that and ended up dead, and the murder weapon showed up in Sam’s purse. But is Landis the innocent businessman police first thought he was? And who’s putting holes in Scott’s tires?

Find out in the romantic suspense mystery, Don’t Stop Believing, from Bob Mueller and Indefixa!

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The Sad Girl, a #trafficking #thriller.


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The Sad Girl, ebook, kobo, Amazon, iBook, nook, human trafficking, booksDanny Cumberland has been on parole for eighteen months. He’s staying out of trouble, trying to run a business, and trying to fit back into a world that left him behind twelve years ago. In his mind, Pierce Brosnan was still James Bond.

Fifteen years ago, a week-long fling produced a daughter. Three years ago, she was kidnapped and murdered. As he struggles to trust people again and piece together the life of a child he never knew, Danny begins to find problems with the investigation and has another DNA test performed. The body in the casket isn’t his daughter. Could Danielle be alive? DNA is never wrong. Is it?

Saving her means violating his parole and lying to people he’s come to care about. How far will an ex-con go to rescue a daughter he never knew who isn’t even supposed to be alive?

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